Saturday, May 21, 2011


First, I'm working on my 4th of July outfit and I am this close to being done with it! I am beyond excited because it is turning out just as cute as I imagined! Maybe even more so! I want to send a HUGE shout-out to Little Boats for being so generous and sharing where she found the pattern for this top at many months ago! I finally got around to using it and I cannot wait to show you guys (a little hint at my 4th of July outfit). You many not believe this, but MANY boutiques are not willing to share any information on anything let alone where they buy their patterns. ::gasp:: Shocking, I know. So PLEASE go friend her on Facebook and tell her I said thanks! And by the way, her stuff is adorable, so you won't be sorry.

Second, I have a confession. I am a serial lurker. I am obsessed at seeing what all my favorite boutiques are up to. I never steal ideas...I just see if there are any new techniques or styles I'm missing out on OR, my fave, seeing what fabrics to avoid or definitely use in the future. But that's it. Scouts honor. But after constantly seeing some of these boutiques almost daily I must admit I'm getting pretty bored with some of them. They are all different, but the same. They never take any chances! They found their little dress style(s) niche and they are sticking with it! I would be going out of my mind if I were them! I need change--other than just fabric. I like to push myself and test out new patterns or ideas I have. Do you guys appreciate this in a boutique or do you only shop at certain boutiques for certain styles? I'm just curious seeing as how I own a boutique and my business is YOUR business (Like that nice play on words, ehhhh?) Besides, some of these boutiques have very loyal customers and many, many sales. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking their business practices or styles, I'm just curious if you get bored at seeing the same outfit over and over with just different fabrics?

I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say. Hint, hint. ::wink::

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