Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do You Accept? Challenge 2

Okay, so I admit it, I like competition and challenges I think that's why I'm doing so well as a boutique right now. Of course, I support my fellow boutiques--at least the good ones--but I really enjoy trying to better my boutique (aka kicking other boutique butts!* lol) There is nothing wrong with a little FRIENDLY competition. Keeping this in mind, I've decided to try out some little "Challenges" for my fans so they can try to win my clothes! I'm done with freebies these days. To be honest, I'm tired of making things to get my name out there and not receiving even a "thank you" in return! Crazy, I know! So now, if you want a "freebie" from me...you gotta at least work for it! Which leads me to my point of this whole blog....

I want to be on the Front Page of Etsy. Who is gonna get me there? Hopefully, one of you! lol. In return, you will receive the outfit that makes it to the front page in the size of your choice. Here is a little info on how to get me on the front page of etsy. First, you have to make a treasury. You can see the past treasuries I was featured in here (none of which got me to the front page). Second, you have to include ME in the treasury. Third, well, there is not third. That's it.

The front page treasury on etsy is changed every hour. Thats 24 chances a day for you guys to get me there. I recommend doing a little research about getting your treasury on the front page first because there does seem to be some "rules". For example, I'm pretty sure that you cannot put an item of yours in the treasury because they want you to spread the love.

Oh yeah! And here is a website to check to see if your treasury made it to the front page. It shows all the treasuries, BUT I will most likely know before you so no worries! Feel free to leave a link to your treasury in the comments so everyone can see them!

This blog will self destruct in 10 seconds. lol. Good luck everyone!

*hopefully, you know me well enough to know that this is, of course, a joke. 

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