Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DDD Designs For You!

Its no secret that I love creating clothes for your kids--well at least I hope its not, lol. I hear all the time about how lucky I am that I sew and how I have such a talent; I really appreciate the compliments--and if you have any more compliments about how amazing I am feel free to add them in the comments below, lol. Many of you have shared with me that you have ideas for outfits that you wish you could make but you don't know how to sew. I try to encourage everyone that has the dream of sewing to pick up a sewing machine and just start! I'm self taught myself, so I know how intimidating it can be, but there are amazing resources on the Internet just waiting to show you how to sew! Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, energy, or money to teach themselves to sew. For those of you that don't have time to learn to sew and have what they believe to be an AMAZING clothing design, I have a solution! Say it with me.....CONTEST!

So here is whats going to happen, you are going to email me your best sketch of that adorable FALL outfit you've been dying to see made for your child(ren)--I don't do adult clothing and yes, it can be boys. It cannot be an outfit that you have seen anywhere else, it must be of your own design! You do not need to pick fabrics because we will do that together if you are chosen. Along with your sketch, be sure to send an explanation of your design. Trust me when I say that this will not be chosen on your drawing alone, I am no Picasso...although perhaps he is a bad example because my drawings probably do look rather Picasso-esque. lol. Here are some children croquis templates you can trace to help you sketch your design.

So now, I'm sure, you are wondering "What's in it for me?" Great question! Not only do you get to name the outfit, BUT you get the outfit made for you for FREE! How exciting is that?

Starting this evening and going until Sunday, August 28th at 11:59pm, I will be accepting entries. I will choose a winner within a week and the outfit will be created within two months. We will work together choosing fabrics and put the whole ensemble together which will take a little time, but the outcome will be fabulous!

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful designs headed my way!!! If you have any questions or to send in your entry please email me at DashinglyDainty@yahoo.com

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