Friday, June 17, 2011


The past two days I have been in talks with a boutique that is opening up soon and wants to sell my stuff! I am geeked!!! Nothing is final yet, but things are looking good! Anyway, certain circumstances have arisen from this opportunity that have forced me to reevaluate certain areas of my business...mainly prices. It sucks. I hate despise raising prices, especially because I don't want to make my clothes unaffordable for anyone! I am proud to offer affordable boutique clothes for everyone. However, with the prices of supplies rising paired with my demand rising--I am only one person and can only make so many outfits a month--some prices have to be adjusted. Not only all this, but I must admit that I've never actually figured out exactly what it costs to make an outfit and I was very surprised because I was underpricing myself. So now, I must raise prices on certain items, not because I want to bit because if I want DDD to survive I NEED to.
Interestingly enough, I came across some inspiring articles while trying to research HOW to price my items "correctly". This one in particular made me really realize how much we undervalue handmade items, myself included. I NEVER buy handmade items because I never think they are worth it, yet I sell handmade and want people to pay for my items. A few months ago, I went shopping for some clothes for myself at Target. I got everything out of the clearance section (just like the article) and what do I have to show for it not even 2 months later? A bunch of clothes with holes in them! Seriously, its maddening! I might as well have spent the extra money on a shirt for myself from a seller on Etsy that WON'T fall apart after 3 washes.
I really feel that this article hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to buying handmade. I also hope that everyone can understand why I am raising the prices of some of my items. Now go out there and buy something handmade!!! I know I am right now...

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