Order Status

Orders are on a first come first serve basis. However, I prefer to make 2 of the same items at a time because it goes faster. So if you order a knot dress and someone 3 people ahead of you orders a knot dress then I will most likely work on your knot dress at the same time as I make the earlier order's knot dress. That is why some people who are farther down the list MAY ship before I have gotten to your order or why some people farther down the list may have a partially completed order while you have no outfits completed. Also, keep in mind that my outfits tend to be more complicated than a pillowcase dress, which means it takes longer to make, 2-3 hours per dress usually, so often I only have time to complete one or two dresses a day.
I am including your name and how many outfits are completed out of how many outfits you ordered. I will try to update daily. If I ship your item, you will be removed from the list. Sometimes I do not get a chance to ship your package immediately after completion so if your name is up there showing that your items are complete, it means that it has not shipped yet.
You will NOT be put on the list until of orders until I receive payment. If you have any additional questions, please email me at DashinglyDainty@yahoo.com
  1. Nicole H. 4/6
  2. Laura F. 0/2
  3. Jennifer W. 0/1
  4. Samantha G. 0/1
  5. Cassie M. 0/1
  6. Joleen S. 0/1
  7. Kim S. 3/4
  8. Erica P. 0/1
  9. Jennifer K. 0/1
  10. Monica E. 0/1
  11. Holli C. 1/5
  12. Tia S. 0/1
  13. Lisa F. 2/4
  14. Amanda A. 0/1
  15. Lauren M. 0/7
  16. Jessica D. 0/1
  17. Sharri O. 0/1

I will never have more than 30 orders pending at one time. At this time the majority of my orders are one item and very simple things like tutu tights and simple dresses. Do not be discouraged if you are near the bottom of this list. It will be going fast!
My current wait time is approx. 4 weeks. This means if you place an order today, you can expect it to be SHIPPED 4 weeks from today.

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